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    Basement Beast Transformation — FREE 20-Minute Home Workout Video


    Fabian Petrina’s 12-Week Basement Beast Transformation program was designed to help regular guys melt away their stubborn belly fat and get in incredible shape. 


    This isn’t some boring aerobics class or a bunch of burpees. It’s hard. And you know what? It works. The results speak for themselves.


    Watch the first 20-minute workout FREE in the video above to see if Basement Beast is for you. All you need is a few feet of open floorspace.


    Science, baby


    The Basement Beast program is based on triggering the hormone Irisin, which Harvard scientists believe is key to making your metabolism burn intense amounts of fat. It’s what Fabian calls a “Density Stacking” workout — a specific form of targeted resistance training (it’s brutal in a good way).



    Like what you see? Check out the full Basement Beast Transformation Program.


    Join Fabian and the Basement Beast community:

    Making Burritos With Big Boy & Chef Danny! (Video)

    Big Boy is quickly becoming a well known internet sensation, with over 640,000 YouTube subscribers. The entertaining YouTube channel documents his impressive strength challenges, eating, and everyday fun. Big Boy is also the CEO of the popular fitness-centric brand "Strength Cartel".

    Big Boy recently stopped by the ICON HQ where he joined Chef Danny in the making of a legendary brisket burrito. Check out the video below to see behind-the-scenes footage of the ICON kitchen and learn how to make a simple burrito at home.

    Ready to make your own brisket burrito?


    - ICON Meals' A-La-Carte Brisket
    - ICON Meals' A-La-Carte Cilantro Lime Rice
    - Shredded cheddar cheese
    - Red and green bell pepper
    - Black beans


    - Over medium-high heat, use a skillet to sauté peppers and onions until desired tenderness
    - (While the peppers are cooking) Over medium heat, use a pot to warm one 8oz can of black beans
    - Warm the brisket using a stove-top pan or microwave

    - Warm the Cilantro Lime Rice in the microwave
    - Warm tortilla using a skillet on medium-high heat.
    - Place ingredients on tortilla and wrap to form a burrito.

    Follow Big Boy for more entertaining videos!

    YouTube - Big Boy
    Instagram - @bigscboy

    Don’t Mistake Thin for Fit

    Don’t Mistake Thin for Fit

    Too often thin is mistaken for fit, and that's not what you should strive for. When someone is thin, but has very little muscle tissue, they aren't truly fit.

    Here’s why thin doesn’t equal fit:

    • Their body fat percentage will be higher than ideal—even though you won't see a lot of fat on them, if their muscle percentage is low then their fat percentage will be higher.
    • Their resting metabolism will be low, since little muscle is present to burn calories at rest.
    • Their body won't be functionally strong, which will lead to injuries and frustrations.

    So how does one get truly fit? It’s this simple: Strength Training.

    Read more

    How to 10X Your Growth: Mike O'Hearn

    How to 10X Your Growth: Mike O'Hearn

    This one concept alone might be all you need to 10x your growth.

    You focus so much on training…

    You get inside the gym and absolutely crush it.

    Sweating, sore and tired afterward, you then drive home feeling accomplished.

    Your workout is over with, now you need to focus on making smart decisions with your diet.

    But counting every single gram and sticking to it is brutal…

    It steals your precious time from you.

    You have so many things you need to focus on, that you feel your time is better spent on other things.

    Besides, if you work out hard enough, it should balance out where your diets lacking. Right?


    When it comes to building muscle and strength, working out doesn't matter as much as you think.

    It’s all about the recovery.

    Because when you train, you break down the muscle.

    Then after it’s broken down, the muscle needs to rebuild itself.

    And if you don’t take the necessary steps, you drastically reduce the rebuilding process.

    So what are the necessary steps?

    You might think it’s eating a healthy diet…

    That isn't it.

    Just a healthy diet won’t do it for you, you need the correct diet for what your training for.

    Because chicken, fish, and different beef proteins all affect you differently.

    Same with recovery, it goes much deeper than sleeping or taking days off.

    When I guest posed back in the day, recovery used to be even harder than it is today.

    I had to eat tuna fish and baby food.

    Definitely not fun.

    But today, things are much easier.

    No more tuna fish and no more baby food.

    I present to you, ICON MEALS.

    It’s now my bread and butter.

    You can eat with the duality of smart dieting and convenience all without food prep or invested time.

    That’s what we all want, isn't it?

    No time to lighten up, Time To TITAN UP!
    🐺⚔🍀 Mike O'Hearn The Titan