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    ICON Meals Catoring To The Competitor In Each Of Us

    ICON Meals Blog — Jason Poston

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    Jason Poston's At Home Shoulder Blaster Workout

    If you can't get to a gym try Jason's Home Shoulder Blaster Workout! Jason says, "I realize most people do not have access to weight or machines so here is a killer workout that everyone can do almost anywhere."

    1a- Plyo Mod Handstand Push Up 3x10
    1b- Mod Handstand Push Up 3x10
    1c- Mod HS push up + Centipede + Plank Push Up Combo 3x5

    Do all those back to back!

    2a- Seated Jug Side Raise 3x10 each arm
    2b- 1 Arm Jug Press 3x10 each arm
    2c- Side Lying Jug Rear Delt Raise 3x10
    2d- Iron Cross 3x10

    Do all those back to back!

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