From Michael Mastrucci (@themacrodiabetic)

A topic seemingly overlooked that can be a slightly annoying habit to develop, yet one that comes with more benefits than you may realize. Every day we lose water through breathing, sweating, urination, etc. and to prevent dehydration, it’s important to replace what’s lost through eating and drinking.

As the most prevalent molecule in our bodies, it comprises about 60% of our total weight and every physiological system requires it. Not only is it a vital part of our body’s detoxification system, but it’s used to digest food, shuttle nutrients to cells, keep our joints/cartilage lubricated, and is even needed by brain cells to balance chemicals in our body. That said, hydration affects many aspects of our health and physical/mental performance.

Since muscles are around 75% water, it’s no surprise that staying hydrated helps build muscle and strength faster (though water of course isn’t anabolic).

If you’re currently not drinking enough, you may be surprised at how doing so helps with better mental focus, mood, digestion, workout performance, and more.

So while getting into the habit of drinking about a gallon of water per day can prove difficult, it’s certainly worth the effort…and once it’s a habit it just becomes second nature.