Getting To Know Team ICON Meals Athlete Bartley Weaver

My name is Bartley Weaver, and I’m here to inform you that proper nutrition is paramount! I’m a professional competitive eater (ranked #32 in the world, and #1 in my home state of Kentucky) so I love to eat! I’ve tried to use small utensils and and drinking tons of water to control portion size, but I have realized that you can’t over eat if you order through ICON Meals!


The past year I was presented with a couple life changing opportunities that I had to be on top of my game for. I was Hyperion (team mascot) for the Tennessee Titans last year, and had to stay in shape all year. I had my own entrance and led the team out of the tunnel every Sunday. To look like a Titan you have to eat and train like one. Keeping my diet on point year around was so much easier with ICON Meals.

Earlier this year I was also blessed with an opportunity to try out for season two of The Titan Games hosted by The Rock! At the combine I got to hang out with fellow ICON Meals athlete Brandan Fokken. Brandan is a great guy, and an awesome asset to the ICON family.

I made the show which airs May 25th, and I’m proud to be one of the biggest as well as conditioned guys on the show thanks to the convenience and quality of ICON Meals. The freshness and flavor is second to none. I had my own meal prep company and switched to ICON if that tells you anything!

Now that you know more than you expected about me, I might add that I’m also a Kentucky State Trooper and an online coach/personal trainer. I have a supplement line coming out this summer appropriately named “Titan Fuel” as well.

I like to stay busy, but couldn’t do that without being able to pop an ICON Meal in the microwave. I’m proud to be a part of the family, and would love connect with you all in the future!

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