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    Optimize your progress with your pre and post-training fuel

    Optimize your progress with your pre and post-training fuel

    From Taeler De Haes ( @taelerfit )

    In order to reap the benefits of your training, fueling your body is optimal. But, the idea of prepping multiple meals a day is enough to make anyone rethink their goals. Good news. We’re breaking down options for every lifestyle and pallet to keep you on track and satisfied.


    Going into a fasted workout is so 2012. Your body needs fuel for energy, and the worst thing you can do for not only the #gains but your adrenals is train fasted. 

    For a little energy and quick protein, drink a scoop of ICON Protein Coffee. With 20g of protein and 150mg of caffeine, you’ll be fueled and ready to crush it. Plus, the patented nootropic Cognizin® is guaranteed to keep you focused.

    If you’re training straight after work and later in the day, eating a full meal sometimes isn’t feasible. Opt for something quick and fast-digesting like protein popcorn. With addicting flavors ranging from cookies n’ cream to salsa cheddar, there’s a flavor for everyone. Pair a handful with a Wag Bar made from premium American wagyu beef and you’ve got yourself a solid combo that won’t leave you feeling heavy before your training.

    Maybe you’re feeling reminiscent of your childhood days. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich always hit the spot, but they can also pack the calories. Start with two slices of our high protein bread, add on our blueberry crumble protein butter, top with your favorite jelly and voila!

    For those of you looking for something more nutrient-dense, create your own meal and pop it in the microwave 1-2 hours before training. Add some zest with ICON seasonings.


    The days of chugging boring whey protein in a shaker immediately after a hard training day are over. The whole ‘anabolic window’ is old bro-science anyway. However, if you struggle to get your protein in, post-training is a great time to do so.

    Instead, stock up your fridge with a few customizable meals. Within an hour of training, you’ll want to eat something higher in carbs and protein, keeping fats to around 10-15% of your total intake.

    Here are a few examples of post-workout meals:

    👉🏻Chicken + rice + veggie

    👉🏻Egg whites + protein pancake + turkey bacon

    👉🏻Beyond meat vegan patty + saffron rice + Kyoto veggies

    The easiest way to make sure you’re prepared for proper nutrition is to have food ready to go. With free shipping from ICON Meals, there’s no excuse not to fuel your body with the best ingredients.

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    The 10,000 Steps Myth: Healthier Habits To Get Moving

    The 10,000 Steps Myth: Healthier Habits To Get Moving

    Fitness coach Taeler De Haes has some hot takes on the idea of 10,000 steps:. 

    Myth Busted

    By this point the idea of “getting 10,000 steps” is well-known. Here’s the thing though — 10,000 is not some ~magical~ number for being healthy. Sometimes it can actually become unhealthily obsessive.  

    Now don’t get me wrong, movement is obviously important...but there’s a fine line between health and obsession. When’s the last time you took your activity tracker off? So before you stress about getting in those last steps for the day, let’s look at where this 10k number came from.


    Image From FreePik

    Japan, 1965

    Over half a century ago the Japanese company Yamasa Clock seemingly sold pedometers called “Manpo-kei” which translates to “10,000 steps meter.” The brand slogan was “Let’s walk 10k steps a day” cementing that number as a default goal for generations.

    Bottom line: 10k is a number made up by corporate marketers, and it doesn’t matter. 

    Being Smart About Steps

    Stepping is still important — it’s a great way to manage weight, stress, and overall health. 

    GET THIS: a 2019 study supported by the National Cancer Institute and the NHLBI suggested older women who walk about 4,000 steps a day (about two miles) decreased their mortality by 40% compared to women who took less than 2,800 steps on average. AND they found that anything above 7,500 steps provided no additional benefit. Source: Jama Network


    Image From FreePik

    Isn’t That NEAT

    The goal of getting more steps is to increase NEAT — non-exercise activity thermogenesis —  which is basically any activity outside of a workout routine. We spend an hour in the gym, but what the heck are you doing for the other 16 hours of your day?

    Here are some habits to get moving without obsessing over a number:


    • Take a 10-minute walk after every meal.
    • Park further away from entrances when you’re running errands.
    • Walk (don’t drive) to get your coffee.
    • Listen to your favorite podcast while walking outside.
    • Clean a room in your house.
    • Take your dog (or cat, you do you) for an extra walk.



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    5 Tips For Better Sleep by Taeler De Haes

    5 Tips For Better Sleep by Taeler De Haes

    Struggle sleeping through the night? Or maybe, even getting to sleep is a challenge? 

    With so much emphasis on morning routines, I’ll be the first to say a bedtime routine is even more important to ensure great sleep. 

    You need around 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Any less than 6 and fat loss becomes harder, cravings increase and your brain feels foggy, leading to impulsive decisions, like running through the McDonald’s drive-thru instead of packing a wholesome breakfast.  

    Here’s how I turn my brain off and wind down for bed, starting an hour before I hit the pillow: 

    Set boundaries. Listen, I know how hard it is to see those email notifications pop up on Sunday night from your boss, but you are off the clock. Act like it. The same thing goes for families looking to spend a little more quality time together. Put your devices on the chargers an hour before bed, and don’t grab them until the morning. Tell your friends and family you’ll no longer be available ahead of time so they hold you accountable. 

    Put your phone away. The most important might be the hardest, especially if you are winding down, catching up on social media or sharing memes with your friends (we all do it). I like to set my phone on the charger an hour before bed to prevent blue light near bedtime. If you work late at night, I recommend buying blue light blockers. 

    Turn off the TV. I’m the first to admit I love watching Riverdale before going to bed, but reading or listening to a podcast will allow you to drift away from the “present” and relax. 

    Drink something warm. I find cozying up with a warm cup of tea or decaf coffee makes me feel nice and relaxed. This also helps with late night snacking. If you struggle with stress in the evening, I recommend taking Natural Calm, which is just magnesium, which helps keep cortisol levels under control. 

    Set yourself up for a calm start. My mornings start with 5:30 a.m. spin classes, bootcamps and personal training, so I don’t have time for a “routine”. I like to lay my clothes out the night before, get my supplements in order, Keurig on and ready so I can wake up, grab and go. 

    Taking the extra time to ensure a proper night’s sleep makes for a more productive tomorrow.

    Stay connected with blog author Taeler De Haes:

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