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    ICON Meals Catoring To The Competitor In Each Of Us

    Fitness & Exercise

    Mental Strength

    From Michael Mastrucci (@themacrodiabetic)

    Approaching training, nutrition, and other facets you take on to reach a goal requires more than showing up and logging numbers. Your mindset and focus aren’t just equally as important, but often determine your success in maintaining results.

    Take dieting for example: You’ve been eating at maintenance (or surplus) for a while and are eating, feeling, and performing great. Then you hear “CALORIE DEFICIT”. HR increases, anxiety creeps in, and you think of the times you’ll feel “hungry”.

    What’s wrong with this scenario? Your mindset!

    You see, it’s actually simpler than you think. If your mentality is that you WILL be hungry, WILL have low energy, WILL plateau in strength/weight loss…then you WILL have a bad time. While all these things are normal when you give your body less energy than it NEEDS, you’d be surprised just how far you can push your limits before seeing any signs of these occurring.

    There’s no need to feel hungry either. Flexible dieting is a fantastic tool to allow you both lower calorie/higher volume choices (focusing on nutritious unprocessed foods)…but this is another topic for another time.

    The point is: Approach every goal as if you’re going to surpass it. Be mindful of what makes you nervous, and remove negative thoughts. It’s ok to feel “uncomfortable”, otherwise there’s no experience gained to grow when all is said and done.

    Your mentality will carry you farther than you realize. Stay strong, focused, and confident. Have a plan, and don’t stress if you need to improvise every once in a while. Brain gains are just as important as physical ones!

    Couch Chat with Mike O’Hearn and Phil Heath

    Chances are you know the guys sitting on the couch in our warehouse gym — they’re both bodybuilding superstars. On the left is Mike O’Hearn (of Titan fame) and on the right is seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath. It was that couch’s best day ever.

    They relaxed post-workout to chat about what convinced them to partner with ICON. It’s about time, quality, and having the same kind of mindset that got them where they both are today.

    Take a few minutes to sit back, listen, and be inspired.