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    Eat Lean With ICON Meals!

    Weight loss isn't a mystery, it's a choice. We can help you reach your goals by doing the work up front, but the choice is still yours.

    - A message from our CEO, Todd Abrams

    Get Started Today!

    Eating healthy never looked this good! These protein-packed meals are delicious and will keep you satisfied, even better they take only 3 minutes or less to reheat.

    ✓ Protein-Packed
    ✓ Easy! No Prep
    ✓ Help YOU Stay On Track

    Lean Box

    12 of the very BEST lean meals chosen by our in-house chefs! Start Today!

    Lean Box XXL

    24 protein-packed meals! Eating healthy never looked this good!

    Custom Meals

    Create your own meals and let us help you stick to your plan!

    Weekly Menu

    A collection of tasty and fresh meals prepared by our chefs!